Eureka Stockade Series 4


  • Sacrificial replaceable 8mm thick baffle plate
  • Quality high volume 3 speed fan
  • Secondary air injection to enhance combustion efficiency and reduce harmful emissions
  • Excellent overnight burn capacity
  • Heats up to 24sq
  • Firebrick lining on the sides and back fo the firebox which enhances the combustion efficiency whilst protecting the most vulnerable part of the firebox
  • High quality, heat resistant paint finish, with touch up paint readily available

Product Specifications

Product Code:  215203BL
Fuel effect: Logs
Approvals: Y
Thermostat: N
Fan Y

Product Dimensions

Type: Fascia
Width:  940mm
Height: 767mm
Depth: 100mm
Type: Heater
Width:  625mm
Height: 637mm
Depth: 430mm
Weight: 145kg
Capacity: up to 240sq
Eureka Stockade Series 4

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