Kent Classic 1000


  • Using a system design composed of a high tech energy boost combination twin air intake, the Classic 1000 will in effect release low emissions, which is perfect against rising electricity costs.
  • Features a steel baffle secondary chamber.
  • The firebox, the heart of all Kent Wood Heaters offers strength and durability from a special grade of 6mm thick steel.
  • 5 year warranty on the firebox.
  • 1 year warranty on other components.
  • Tough ceramic glass window for better viewing.
  • The cool touch handle offers greater safety when in use.
  • Available in a metallic black colour.

Product Specifications

Product Code:  KTCL1000
Fuel effect: Logs
Particulate Emisson Factor: 2.5g/kg
Secondary Chamber: Steel
Fan No

Product Dimensions

Width:  700mm 
Depth: 480mm
Height: 645mm 
Capacity: up to 15sq
Kent Classic 1000

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