Sculpt - Seguin Europa 7 VL


  • 100% pure cast iron with cast iron lining and glass door
  • DAFS (Double Airflow System)
  • Install Freestanding or Inbuilt
  • Includes grate and ashpan
  • Handmade in the Randan - France
  • Clean frameless design (no trim)
  • Secure swing door mechanism with choice of left or right hand side glass and black line printed glass edging
  • Includes hot air transfer kit: A duct and a register

Product Specifications

Product Code:  SG-Europa7VL
Fuel effect: Logs
Approvals: Y
Warranty: 10 year firebox warranty
Output: 17.9kW+

Product Dimensions

Width:  770mm 
Depth: 525mm
Height: 510mm
Capacity: 150-250m²
Weight: 150kg
Sculpt - Seguin Europa 7 VL

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