Eureka Nugget Standard F/S


  • Extra overnight burn capacity
  • Maximum heat output and long burn periods per fuel load
  • Secondary air injection to enhance combustion efficiency and reduce harmful emissions
  • Firebox constructed in three piece, welded and folded, heavy duty 6mm steel
  • Sacrificial replaceable 8mm steel baffle plate
  • Clean glass door during operation
  • Nugget has a cooktop
  • Firebrick lined for maximum firebox protection
  • The Nugget can take 450mm long wood directly into the firebox for convenient loading

Product Specifications

Product Code:  205931BL
Fuel effect: Logs
Approvals: Y
Thermostat: N
Fan optional

Product Dimensions

Width:  610mm 
Depth: 600mm
Height: 640mm
Weight: 120kg
Capacity: up to 120m²
Eureka Nugget Standard F/S

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