Bosch Ci16


  • Automatic ignition - no 240V power required
  • Delivers 16 L/min at a 25°C temperature rise
  • Small, compact and attractive design
  • Internal installation (vertical flueing required) ideal for frost-prone areas
  • Improved safety features to provide reassurance for your family
  • Flexible water connections for easy installation in retrofit situations
  • Digital temperature and fault code display
  • Unit and all components fully recyclable
  • Easy temperature adjustment for varying inlet temperatures
  • Available in Natural or LP Gas
  • Comprehensive warranties

Product Specifications

Product Code:  Ci16
Installation: Internal*
Ignition: Automatic
Mj/H: 127
No. of bathrooms: 1-2
Gas Type: NG & LPG

* requires flueing availlable from Plumbing Supply Stores

Product Dimensions

Height: 655mm
Width:  425mm 
Depth: 220mm
Weight: 13,65kg
Warranty (parts&labours): 2 years
Warranty (heat exchanger, parts only): 10 years

Bosch Ci16

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