Infinity 26 Smarstart


  • High efficiency hot water with an inbuilt hot water circulation system
  • Pre-heats the water in the pipes before you turn on the hot tap
  • The Smartstart® is an 'on-demand' pump system that only operates when required and automatically shuts off - further saving energy
  • It is activated in any room that has a Water Controller installed
  • Saves literally thousands of litres of water often flushed down the drain

Product Specifications

Product Code:  Inf26ss
Star Rating: 5.8
Water Controller: Opt
Colours: Euro White
No. of bathrooms: 1-3
Gas Type: NG & LPG

Product Dimensions

Height: 600mm
Width:  470mm 
Depth: 239mm
Warranty (heat exchanger): 12 years

Infinity 26 Smarstart

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