Rinnai Energysaver® 559FT


  • Efficiency rating of 4.6 Stars - amongst the highest available for flued space heaters, reducing your heating costs
  • Superior indoor air quality with zero emissions into the room - perfect for those who may be susceptible to allergies or respiratory problems
  • Power flued allowing flexibility with multiple installation options
  • Full Electronic Thermostatic control. Select a desired temperature which is then maintained by the heater
  • Dual digital Timers allow for on and off programming for both mornings and evenings
  • Pre-heat mode ensures your room is pre-heated by the time programmed
  • Economy mode allows the heater to modulate down after 1 hour when set temperature is reached. Reduces running costs with no noticeable change in temperature
  • Inbuilt Humidifier Tray, easy way to humidify indoor air for greater comfort
  • Child Lock prevents unwanted access

Product Specifications

Product Code:  559FTN
Colour: White
Remote Control: Thermostatic
Input: 9MJ/h L 23MJ/h H
Output: 5.2kW
Gas Type: LPG & NG

*LPG models at additional cost can be converted to order

Product Dimensions

Height: 582mm
Width:  760mm 
Depth: 257mm
Capacity: up to 85m² (mild)
Rinnai Energysaver® 559FT

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