Nectre Legend Gas Fire DV36


  • Natural Gas Radiant/Convection heater
  • Balanced flue system
  • Zero clearance installation
  • Can be flued vertical or horizontal
  • Shallow 400mm depth for firebox
  • Tall 440mm high glass viewing area
  • Unique high efficiency heat exchange for increased heat transfer
  • Thermo switch fan boost for increased convection heat
  • Ceramic fibre firebox liner for increased radiant heat
  • Safety screen AGA approved included
  • Reflector log panel to enhance double flame effect
  • Electronic pilot light ignition
  • Efficient 27.8 Mj/Hr
  • Optional: Remote control

Product Specifications

Product Code:  KAIGFDV36L
Fuel effect: Logs
Warranty: 12 months
Remote Control: Optional
Fan: N

Product Dimensions

Height: 873mm
Width:  942mm 
Depth: 400mm
Output: 5.9kW
Capacity: 100m²
Nectre Legend Gas Fire DV36

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