Scope 700


  • Winner 2010 Editor's Choice Award for Best New Product - Green Design International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show, New York
  • The Scope 700's bold appearance and long elegant flame make it the ideal choice ideal for bringing life back to an old unused fireplace.
  • Designed for those looking to make an impact when designing a fireplace, the Scope 700 takes the griddle pan aesthetic of the Grooved Fireplace Grate, and extends it to accommodate the XL 700 Burner.
  • Sturdily constructed of rust treated steel, the Scope 700 is finished in a black Teflon coating.


Ensure that the mouth of the flame is positioned a minimum of 1500mm [59.1in] away from curtains, flammable materials and other sources of ignition. Be aware of drafts.


Product Specifications

Designer: Mark Veenendaal
Fuel: Bioethanol
Colour: Black 
Compatible Burner: XL 700




Product Dimensions

Width:  835mm 
Depth: 380mm
Height: 150mm 
Weight: 46.3kg
Application: Indoor 

Stainless Steel

Scope 700

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