• 2004 Winner Design Mark, Australian International Design Awards, Sydney (AUS)
  • A separate filling point and jerry can equipped with a no-spill dangerous goods spout, which allows the burner to be refuelled safely and easily.
  • An additional safety measure that prevents the filling point from being accessed while the slider is open. 
  • Perfectly aligned slider mechanism, filling point and fuelling system that allows an unobstructed view of the burner tank. 
  • Easy flame control that allows you to regulate the amount of heat being generated, and therefore the amount of fuel consumed. 
  • Operational accessories designed for safe and ergonomic fire ignition and extinguishing.
  • A deep-draw fabrication process that eliminates the potential for dangerous leaks.


  • Optional: Firescreen, Firescreen Fixing, Protective Burner Cover, Triple Top tray
  • Included: 5 Ltr Jerry Can, Lighting rod and Lighter, Operation manual and Top tray

Product Specifications

Volume Capacity:  5 Litres 
Fuel type: Bioethanol
Heats on Average: Over 35m2
Fuel Consumption: 0.64 Ltr/hr on MAX
Thermal Output NET MAX: 14 Mj/h-13,000 BTU-3.5 Kw/h
Burn Time on MAX:
7 hours, 30 minutes (Approx)*

> than 70m³  per burner.

*The efficiency data outlined above is indicative only and may vary depending on the model purchased, weather conditions, installation and bioethanol used. Adding baffles (if applicable) and/or regulating the flame increases burn times.

Product Dimensions

Width:  400mm
Depth: 317mm
Height: 123mm
Weight: 7.3kg
Application: Indoor and Outdoor
Materials: Stainless Steel

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