• Vision models are designed as a room divider but can also be placed against any flat wall surface made out of noncombustible material, or sitting 100mm [3.95in] away from any wall of any material.
  • Always place the glass side closest to the wall. Even when unit is used as a room divider, the glass side is the “rear.”
  • Rectangular in shape, the Vision is a freestanding, double sided fireplace with clean modern lines. Its clever design features a toughened glass back, adding extra durability.
  • Vision fireplace offers a 'see-through' effect via its double opening, maximising the free flow of space and sense of area without impairing the integrity of a room.


Ensure that the mouth of the flame is positioned a minimum of 1500mm [59.1in] away from curtains, flammable materials and other sources of ignition. Be aware of drafts.

Product Specifications

Designer: Paul Cohen

2006 Interior Design Magazine’s
Best of Year “Roscoes” Award (USA)

Colours: Black & White (Standard)*
Compatible Burner: BK Series

* Custom colour can be matched. Swatch of the colour and the colour composition to be supplied. Additional Cost will be applied


Product Dimensions

Width:  1190mm 
Depth: 536mm
Height: 990mm 
Weight: 72.1kg
Application: Indoor 
Materials: Brushed Stainless Steel, Toughened Glass, MDF

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